I wrote this song in Germany in June 2000, and performed it for the first time at the Bardentreffen in Nuremberg in the same year, and it has recently been recorded by The Dubliner's, the song may also be found on my own CD "Live in Nuremberg".

When I was a boy I had a model sailing ship
Not big enough to carry me
But big enough to carry a dream.

We are sailors on lifes ocean, we are riders of the storm.
Since the day our ship weighed anchor, on the day that we were born
Always searching the horizon, as the past we leave behind
Some are following the dreamer, some are following the blind.

I've been a wild rover for many a year, and a rover I'll always remain
And when I've seen all that this world has to show,
I think I'll start over again
When I was a boy, it was always my joy, to dream of those faraway bills
Those far away places, with strange sounding names
I dream that they're calling me still.


All my life I have been a wild rover
But theres one thing for certain I'm sure
The life of a rover, I'll live till it's over
Then I'll play the wild rover no more.

My father despaired, not for riches I cared,
and he shook his old head with a frown
He said to me son, now you've had all your fun,
it's time you were horne settled down.
But when I take the notion, I'll sail the wild ocean,
till I reach that faraway shore
And one day I'll find me, the true peace of mind
Far better than fiches in store.


l've sailed down the Nile, and I've rode single file,
on a camel o'er deserts of sand
I've danced in the rain, with the ladies of Spain,
and I've wandered Australia's fair land
I've sailed out from Cork, to the streets of New York,
and I'm welcome wherever I roam
In faraway places, wherever my case is
That's where I'm calling my horne.


Copyright Pat Cooksey, all rights reserved.

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