The small market town of Ennis, with its narrow streets and numerous public houses is a bustle of activity by day and by night.
I wrote this song in 1996 about a girl I saw often in Ennis and admired from afar but could never find the words to speak to. The song was the winner of the Newport song contest, held in Tipperary each September, and has since become a great favourite in Clare. The song features on The Ennis Singers Club cassette CLARE SONGS AND RARE SONGS.

l'm standing here in Ennis town, the people pass me by
Another day, I sing and play, sometimes I wonder why
I see her almost every day, her name I do not know
But every time she passes by, she smiles and says hello.


I never thought I'd love again, I'd always be alone
And I would never hold again, a girl to call my own
For she has my heart enchanted, but I a lovesick clown
Can only sigh, as she passes by, on the streets of Ennis town.


I wonder if she'll ever know, when she see's me standing there
That I can't find the words to say, to tell her that I care
With Dan O'Connell standing, on his pillar gazing down
She is the lass that's stole my heart, on the streets of Ennis town.


There's a hundred explanations, and a thousand reasons why
That I can't find the words to say, no matter how I try
And when the years have passed and gone,
and the shades of night fall down
I'll fondly think of far off days, in the streets of Ennis town.

Copyright Pat Cooksey, all rights reserved.

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